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Executive Profiles

  • Rupen Patel
    Rupen Patel
  • Rupen Patel Principal

    Rupen Patel

    Rupen Patel has demonstrated a keen ability to survey a market, determine an economic need for that market and then create a business entity to fill that need. Rupen, a native of India was instrumental in assessing customer needs and implementing product mix to satisfy customer requirements. He negotiated, directed and implemented a bank merger with a Fortune 500 company creating a bi-directional distribution contract as well as long-term manufacturing collaboration. Rupen has created several successful retail and manufacturing enterprises. He was also the primary force in the creation of Premier Medical Laboratory in 1995 where he was the Administrative Director.

    He created Accurate Diagnostic Labs, Inc. which commenced operations in August of 2000. His vision proved to be correct as Accurate has grown from a few employees at its inception to its present work force of over 300. Sales have skyrocketed from $2.7 million in 2001 to a projected $25 million in the year 2010. Rupen began working in the hotel industry as a manager, then his entrepreneurial aspirations quickly led him to ownership and development. Rupen currently owns several hotels including brands with the Hilton, Marriott, IHG, and Choice portfolios.

    Rupen's hotels consistently receive the highest awards for quality and service in the respective brands. Rupen-owned hotels are also recognized as "green" hotels. Rupen has also plunged into the commercial real estate market. He owns many properties at key locations in New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri and is expanding his portfolio strategically and rapidly.

    Identifying potentially profitable properties and operating them to profit is Rupen's forte. Rupen has also ventured in to catering by building The Imperia, New Jersey's newest upscale banquet and conference center. Currently, his recent development has been the successful opening The Circle of Life Adult Medical Day Care center in South Plainfield. This new modern facility serves as a mini retreat for all senior citizens within the area, a recreational location providing relaxation and entertainment. With all his viable ventures combined Rupen employees over 700 and still growing.

  • Scott Yaeger
    Scott Yaeger
  • Scott Yaeger Principal

    Scott Yaeger

    For over 30 years Scott Yaeger has dedicated his career to quality service, exceptional operational results and a focused commitment to excellence within the Hospitality Industry. His years of experience and growth in all positions have gained him a well rounded and detailed understanding of what it takes to win in today's hotel environment. His career began in food and beverage and grew over the years into the front of the house and ultimately into hotel operations.

    As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and an award winning Certified Executive Chef, Scott continuously pushed to exceed expectations, expand his knowledge and grow in the industry. Over the years Scott held many key positions and ultimately began running his own properties as General Manager. With his General Manager experience in both Full Service and Select service he has managed Hilton Hotels, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Radisson, Holiday Inns, Marriott Select service brands. In each situation his drive to succeed and exceptional results produced promotions, operational awards and brand service recognition.

    As an entrepreneur Scott also developed and built his own business, manufacturing a line of high-end frozen dessert products which he grew over a ten-year period and ultimately sold. This experience provided Scott with a more detailed ownership perspective of business and aided him in refining his approach within his hotels. In the years to follow Scott worked in multi unit management as well as Regional Director of Operations and held several positions as Vice President of Operations.

    Today Scott's drive continues with his focus on developing and partnering with quality brands, operating high quality facilities, and producing exceptional results for all managed and owned properties.

  • Hina Patel
    Hina Patel
  • Hina Patel Principal

    Hina Patel

    Hina Patel has a proven track record in project management and implementation. She has applied her background and her strong ability to analyze, strategize, and implement to the hospitality and real estate business.

    Hina graduated with Honors with a degree in Information Science from NJIT. Pursuing her interest and passion for IT, Hina worked her way during the first seven years of her career from programmer to senior programmer /analyst to team leader to manager. Wanting to stay involved in her area of expertise, Hina chose project management over people management. Hina analyzed business requirements, created functional specifications and lead various technology teams to create efficient and robust solutions which satisfied the business needs. She delivered one project after another, within budget and beyond client expectations. She worked as a consultant project manager for companies in various industries, including IT consulting, cosmetic manufacturing and distribution, and financial brokerage. It was Hina's experience with cross-functional teams of businesses in various industries that inspired her to expand beyond the field of Information Technology.

    In 2004, Hina partnered with her husband Rupen to plunge into real estate endeavors. With Rupen's then recent purchase of commercial office buildings, Hina learned and mastered property management. She quickly became knowledgeable and proficient in negotiating and implementing new leases, completing tenant fit-outs, and beautifying the properties. Hina renovated the interior and exterior of two office buildings, turning them into class A properties. Hina implemented upgrades such as state of the art surveillance systems, areas for vending machines, new lobby furniture, artwork, carpeting, paint, and re-paved parking lots. Hina increased the value of the buildings with these changes and was able to establish higher rental rates for office space, resulting in higher profitability.

    Simultaneously in 2004, Hina applied her project management skills to her first project in the area of hospitality, the construction of a 100 room hotel property in Somerset, NJ. Hina studied franchise requirements and product specifications to design and purchase all furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) for the property and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) required for opening and operating the property. This experience helped Hina to later (in 2006) oversee the construction, design, and purchasing for a new banquet facility in Somerset, NJ, named The Imperia.

    The Patels have expanded their portfolio of owned properties significantly over the last several years. Hina has gained tremendous knowledge in the area of hospitality investment, sales and operations. Hina has been leading the business financial and operations effort and building the proper team and infrastructure to support and protect their investments.

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